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2nd Amend Training

Maryland Wear & Carry + (VA, UT, FL & PA - up to 38 total states)

Maryland Wear & Carry + (VA, UT, FL & PA - up to 38 total states)

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This is a two-day course that fulfills the necessary criteria for obtaining your Maryland Wear and Carry Permit, as well as your Virginia Concealed Carry Permit, Utah Concealed Carry Permit, Florida Concealed Carry Permit, Pennsylvania Concealed Carry Permit, and the Maryland HQL (valid in up to 38 states).

The course includes a certificate upon completion, one one-hour sessions of pistol instruction, as well as a target, and firearm. While we provide firearms for the range portion, students are encouraged to bring their own personal firearms. The classroom segment will take place in Alexandria, VA, and the range time will follow the class.

You no longer require “a good and substantial reason” to apply for your MD permits.

Your first session must be a Saturday and the second must be a Sunday.

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